The study of infectious diseases focuses on interactions between infectious agents, their hosts, and the environment that may lead to disease in humans. Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology is a multidisciplinary program. The curriculum is designed to emphasize the biology and molecular biology of host-pathogen interactions; host immune response to infection associated with protection or pathology, the ecology, evolution, and transmission of infectious agents, methods of surveillance and the epidemiology of infectious diseases.

The mission of the Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology Program is to create opportunities for students to gain new and advanced knowledge about infectious disease agents and how they interact with host cells, human populations, and the environment. Students learn how to design and implement independent investigations using interdisciplinary approaches. The goal is to promote public health through better understanding of infectious diseases and human immunology based on interaction of basic and translational research that contributes to the development of new diagnostics, treatment, prevention, and control of human infectious diseases.

The Division of Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology offers two degrees:

  1. The professional MPH in Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology.IDV MPM. This is a 2 year MPH program for individuals who wish to develop and further their professional careers related to public health aspects of infectious diseases; and
  2. The academic PhD degree. IDI PhD Program. The Infectious Diseases and Immunity PhD program is offered as an interdepartmental graduate program by the Graduate Group in Infectious Diseases and Immunity. This degree is unique in emphasizing integrated, multidisciplinary training of host-pathogen-environmental interactions. It usually takes 5 years to complete the PhD Program.

IDV MPH graduates 2010

IDV MPH Graduates 2010 Olivia Chang, Daniel Bohl and Meghan Althoff (from left to right)

The combination of a solid grounding in infectious diseases, intense training in epidmiology and biostatistics, and mentored international research has prepared me for exactly the type of career I always hoped to pursue.

~Daniel Bohl

IDV MPH-SPH Commencement 2016

IDV MPH Graduates-SPH Commencement 2016


IDV MPH 2nd yr student presenting at Field Study poster session 2016

IDV MPH second yr students presenting their Field Study projects at the second Annual IDV MPH Field Study Symposium held on 9-26-2016