Programs of Study

Career Opportunities

MPH level with Infectious Diseases emphasis

I. Research-Related
1. Research assistant, research associate, research scientist, research analyst in a:
• biotechnology, state (CDHS) or federal (CDC, LBL, FDA, NIH, etc.) laboratory;
• a county health department laboratory or division (e.g., communicable diseases, STD, TB, bioterrorism);
• a hospital-based or academic research group;
• a forensics laboratory;
• a city sanitation department.

2. Licensed clinical laboratory scientist in a hospital or private laboratory at a supervisory
Level (must complete 12-15 month training program and licensure).
3. Public health microbiologist in a state or county public laboratory at a supervisory level
(must complete 6-month training program and licensure).

II. Teaching
1. Clinical laboratory scientist or public health microbiologist training programs (with appropriate licenses).
2. Instructor or faculty in a junior college.
3. Academic coordinator for microbiology lab courses, internships, etc. in a college or university.
4. Field program supervisor, public health practice.

III. Epidemiology
1. Infection control officer in a hospital or other institution.
2. Surveillance assistant in a public health department.
3. Epidemiology analyst.

IV. Administrative
1. Biohazard inspector for a university, institute, or biotech company.
2. Environmental microbiologist.
3. Industrial hygienist specializing in infectious diseases.
4. Health facility evaluator.
5. Health program director

V. Journalism
1. Science writer.
2. Producer/director of science programs.

VI. Stepping stone for a higher degree: Dr PH, PhD, DVM, MD

VII. Supplement (public health perspective) to an already earned doctoral degree

PhD level (Infectious Diseases and Immunity)

Students matricating through this program will acquire expertise in fundamental infectious disease research and thus are well prepared for careers in academia, governmental agencies, and biotechnology. For further information, go to


Photo by Joel Hagedorn