Fees and Financial Aid

Information on Fees can be found in the Registrar’s Office website at: http://registrar.berkeley.edu/Registration/feesched.html

Financial Aid and Fellowships

Students enrolled in IDI PhD program are fully funded. Funding support will include fees and tuition as well as a monthly stipend (certain restrictions apply) by a combination of institutional, Division and research grant. Graduate Student Instructorship (GSIship) can also be used to supplement funding support, independent of the required two semesters of GSIship.

After the students have decided on the laboratory for research, the faculty as their mentor and PI, will be responsible for continuing funding the students as Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) until graduation. Two GSI teachings 25% or 50% are required (50% preferably), first GSI should be completed within 1 and 2nd year. The second GSI can be completed anytime prior to graduation.

United States citizens and permanent residents who are not California residents must establish CA residency, if applicable, after one year and will not be subject to non-resident tuition.

Extramural sources of predoctoral fellowships are available from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Science Foundation, and private sources such as Founder Region Fellowship for women in doctoral program.

  Graduate students are encouraged to apply for these fellowships, but they require one year of lead-time and institutional sponsorship. 

Intramural sources include Graduate Fellowships administered through the Graduate Division.  All prospective applicants who wish to be considered for graduate fellowships beginning in the Fall Semester must apply by the application deadline in December of the preceding year.  The number of Graduate Fellowships awarded each year is limited.  Teaching and research assistantships are awarded and administered by the School of Public Health or the PI's and the PI's home department respectively.