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IDI Monday Doctoral Seminar schedule Spring 2017

National Research Council released its survey on Sept 28, 2010 ranks UC Berkeley's PhD programs among the nations's best. The Infectious Diseases and Immunity PhD program ranks with a range that included the top 10.

Admission application deadline for Fall 2018 Admission is Dec 1st, 2017. For admission application and related information, please refer to the School of Public Health website for more information:

Program Overview

The Graduate Group in Infectious Diseases and Immunity provides opportunity for the study of the biology of infectious agents, their interaction with human and other hosts, and their relationship with the environment. The program is unique in its emphasis on integrated multidisciplinary training in host-pathogen-environmental interactions. Important areas of inquiry include the biology of host-pathogen interactions, molecular and cellular aspects of pathogenesis, the ecology and evolution of disease agents, environmental factors in transmission, host and pathogen genetic factors that influence transmission, intermediate hosts and vectors, the molecular epidemiology and phylogenetics, vaccine, drug, and diagnostic test development, and public health practices for disease prevention and control.

The Infectious Disease and Immunity (IDI) Graduate Group, its website is at, is a campus-wide graduate program comprised of faculty representing multiple campus units, including the Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology (IDV) comprised of a core faculty described in the IDV Division website . The IDI Graduate Group is administratively managed by the Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology (IDV) of the School of Public Health (SPH), therefore we follow the SPH Admission applications process and deadlines, please check the for details. For IDI program information, activities and admission information, please check in this web page.
We would like to thank the following funding donors for their generous fellowship support to support our students and our work:

  • Hillel and Rose Levine Fellowship
  • The Albert and Mildred Krueger Memorial Fellowship
  • Sally Anne Bradley Presser and Steven A. Presser Fellowship

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