Prospective Students

Admissions Requirements

Applicants with a B.A. or B.S. degree, typically in the biological sciences with interest in scientific research from accredited institutions, may apply immediately after receiving the Baccalaureate degree. The minimal qualifications for admissions are:

  • Satisfactory record of scholarship (minimum GPA of 3.0)
  • Evidence of significant intellectual potential (GRE scores in Verbal and Quantitative)
  • Demonstrated competence in English

The following subjects are normally required as undergraduate preparation for all candidates. Deficiencies must be made up early during the graduate program. There is no requirement for a foreign language.

  • Mathematics: Calculus; one course in probability or statistics
  • Physics: General physics
  • Chemistry and biochemistry: Inorganic chemistry; organic chemistry; biochemistry; and associated laboratories
  • Biology: General biology lecture and laboratory; genetics; and a basic course in molecular biology
  • Common undergraduate majors for admitted applicants: Biology, integrative biology, microbiology, biological sciences, biology and communications
  • Common work experience for admitted applicants: Work experience is not required for admission, but relevant work experience related to infectious diseases, e.g. laboratory or surveillance work, would be considered a plus. Most of the admitted applicants have some lab and research experience


For complete application instructions, please visit the
School of Public Health website:

Members of the admission committee evaluate applications holistically based on academic achievements, letters of recommendations, statement of purpose, academic and career goals, research interests, GRE scores, and potential of success in the program. Select applicants are then invited for campus interview scheduled for Jan/Feb. After the in-person interview, final admission recommendations, based on the ranking of the applicant on their interview performance, academic preparation, letters of recommendations are forwarded to the Dean of the Graduate Division for final approval.

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