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PhD Program

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MPH Program

This MPH program focuses on the study in public health microbiology and infectious diseases. Persons with no prior experience in infectious diseases but with a firm background in biology can gain the basic education necessary to pursue careers in the public health, industrial, and clinical fields of infectious diseases. We welcome applicants from different backgrounds with or without prior working experience.

Students in their senior years are welcome to apply.

Some lab experience will be helpful but not necessary, as we will provide basic lab training. The Field Study placements taken place in the summer after the student's the first year of study in as an integral and important part of the MPH education training and experience.

Persons with prior backgrounds in the infectious diseases area (e.g. clinical laboratory scientists, public health microbiologists, nurses, physicians, physician's assistants etc.) can update and broaden their public health base. Some Infectious Diseases MPH students have gone on to pursue Ph.D., D.V.M., Dr.P.H., and M.D. degrees. The time required to complete the MPH degree is two years.

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Dr. Eva Harris

Dr. Eva Harris in field work with Nicaraguan children

Sarah Stanley

Dr. Sarah Stanley-surcharging the immune system to cure disease-TB